How to Impress a Nurse

Do you have a crush on a nurse, and you want to know how to impress a nurse? Nurses are good with kids, men, women, and just about everyone. They are more compassionate and will care for their patients on a more personal level than a doctor. Nurses will be with their patients during the worst of times. It is understandable why you would like to attract a nurse and date them.

However, the usual flirting techniques may not work on a nurse. Nurses are busy with so many patients to care for, and they may not have time for day-long days. Below are some ways to impress a nurse:

How to impress a nurse
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1. Work With Their Schedule

When dating a nurse, you will most likely have to settle for several canceled dates. Night outs may never happen as the nurse will be at work. As such, you need to make yourself available when their time allows the two of you to meet. Your work may also not be easy, but if you create time when the nurse is available, you will attract them.

The fact that you create time from a busy schedule to match the nurse’s busy schedule shows that you care. A nurse wants someone who is there for them after a long day of taking care of other people.

2. Make Eye Contact and Smile

Like doctors, nurses pay attention to details. This is their way of ensuring that you get the best care for your condition. They will also pay attention to you and can tell your mood based on your facial gesture. When talking to a nurse, you need to maintain eye contact. This shows them that you are paying attention to them.

You may also want to smile during a conversion. Smiles are friendly gestures that will get your nurse to keep talking to you.

3. Be Honest

When dealing with patients, nurses love honesty. They assess the condition of a patient based on how honest the patient answers their questions. Besides reading a hospital chart, nurses are with patients more, and they are qualified to assess situations. Patients who lie to nurses can bring on themselves costly problems.

A nurse values honesty in and out of work. At work, it helps them care for people better. Out of work, nurses like to feel appreciated with honesty. Again, a nurse values their time, and they need you to not waste it with dishonesty.

4. Compliment Them

If you are a patient in the hospital, one way to impress a nurse is to compliment them. You do not have to mention their scrubs or their hair but on their bedside manners, how well they treat you, how they draw blood, and other aspects of the job that they do right. Do not go overboard with the compliments – just ensure the nurse feels more comfortable coming to your room.

Good and honest compliments will make your nurse come to your room more. If that happens, have normal conversations with the nurse and get to know them better before you invite them for a date on the day you are discharged from the hospital.

5. Show Compassion and Patience

Nurses are compassionate and patient. If you can demonstrate these two virtues, and not just talking about them, you will attract a nurse with ease. For a person who spends most days of the week taking care of others, they will be happy to know that someone else will take care of them.

However, if you have to talk of your compassion and patience and not show in deeds, the nurse may not feel attracted to you for long. Do you help people in need? You might want to reconsider your philanthropic principles for that crush you have on a nurse.

6. Know a Few Things About Nursing and Medicine

It helps if you know what is happening currently in the medical field. You do not have to be a boring “know-it-all” but someone who can chip in when a conversation on medicine comes up. Even if you only know about MedicAid and senior care, it helps when the nurse wants to have such a discussion.

You will attract the nurse more when you understand their struggles, and you can have a discussion with them on their job. Sharing your knowledge with a nurse will impress them, and they may want to talk to you more.

7. Be a Good Listener

You might spend so much time listening to a nurse complain about doctors and about some patients. Their job involves working for several hours. Some days are good and the nurse is happy, but most days are hectic. Allow them to vent to you about their bad days.

You will always have a nurse to care for you if you ever get sick, but you also need to take care of their psychological well-being.

8. Plan Food Dates

Nurses love food and are always hungry when their shift ends. They manage multiple patients and sometimes they end up neglecting meals. They will grab a bite at the canteen, but that is not anything compared to a nice warm meal.

You need to have food ready when you know they are coming home. You can also reserve a seat at their favorite restaurant and order their favorite dish. You can also cook them a good meal and have a good time together at home.

9. Learn to Watch for Signs of Stress

The hospital environment can be stressful. It can strain a relationship. You can attract a nurse by recognizing their stress and help them address the issue. On some days, it may mean not talking about the hospital at all, and on other days, you allow them to tell you about the hospital.

Watch for days when they appear withdrawn and moody and approach them in a way that makes them feel you care. If they open up to you, be there for them. You need to offer them comfort before you give them advice.

10. Allow the Patients to Come First

Nurses prioritize their patients. You may be frustrated that they always care about their patients almost all the time. But you need to understand they have a duty and an oath. They will leave you in the middle of a good night out and rush to the hospital.

If you understand that the patient comes first, you will have an easy time attracting a nurse. You need to be patient with them.


Nurses are compassionate, patient, and hardworking people. They love taking care of others, and that is why dating one might be a good choice for you. However, nurses may be on the job most of the time, and attracting and dating one might be a challenge. You have to understand them and know them well to attract and date one successfully. is one of the Best Single Nurse Dating Sites. It is for nurses dating nurses, nurses looking for marriage, and people who want to date a nurse. This single nurses dating site makes it possible to connect nurses to people like you who appreciate them. Join now to meet single nurse nearby!

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