The 8 Tips for Dating a Nursing Student

The schedule of a nursing student is always tight, and this makes dating them challenging for people in other careers. They have lecture classes, clinical rotations, research, clinical paperwork, and exams among others. When they are not studying, they are out in the hospital taking care of patients. In short, they do not have the time for fancy date nights or long weekend getaways. Nevertheless, you can still successfully date a nursing student. Here are a few tips to help you:

Dating a nursing student
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1. Work Around Their Schedule

If you want to plan dates, plan them around the schedule of the nursing student. In most cases, you will find that they have a night or two free in a week. You can schedule the date then not forgetting that they need to relax for the next day of work.

You have to understand that you may not see them as often as you may want. As such, make the best of the time you spend together no matter how little it might be. Planned dates should not involve a lot of traveling or any activities that will waste time. Instead, plan for a simple in-house date or visit a local eatery for a good time.

This way, even if they only have a few hours for the date, you will make the best of it. Even as you plan, always know there is a chance they might cancel the date if something comes up at the hospital or there are deadlines they need to meet.

2. Help With House Chores

A nursing student comes home tired. When they get home, they have a lot of studying for exams and medical rotations the following day. They will not have time for the dishes, laundry, and cooking.

If you cook for them, they will appreciate you a lot. Home-cooked meals are always better and inexpensive than food from local eateries. Further, enjoying a meal together is one way of having quality time with your partner.

They will also appreciate having their scrubs ready the following morning. Helping them with these small tasks eases their stress and makes their days more bearable. This way, the student will have more time to spare every day to be with you.

3. Understand They May Need Alone Time

If a nursing student asks to be alone on a weekend or any day of the week, it is not about you. You should learn to give them some alone time without taking it personally. This is one of the hardest things about dating a nursing student. During the last leg of nursing school, students may go through some horrific experiences. Some of the experiences weigh down on them. There are experiences they may be willing to share with you and others they will just keep to themselves.

The hospital environment can be depressing, especially for nursing students. Watching people die and others wreath in pain can be traumatizing for someone seeing it for the first time. They will get used to it, but they may need time to process it.

4. Understand the Schedule Doesn’t Stop When They Graduate

Dating a nursing student has its ups and downs. For one, you have someone to take care of you when you have a medical emergency. However, they may not always be there to keep you company when you need it most. This doesn’t stop when they graduate from nursing school.

In fact, they may be out most nights looking after patients. However, once they are done with school and have a stable job, you can expect them to enjoy their job more, and this translates to a happy partner.

The first few years will be tough. There is so much to learn during the first year, but they get used to the exams, clinical papers, and so much more at school as the years pass by.

5. Massage Coupons are the Best Gifts

The best way to relieve the ache in the muscles is to get a massage. Instead of movie nights and long hikes, a good massage will be a good gift for a nursing student.

You can plan massage dates on a day the student has their last exam. After an exam or after long clinical days, they will be so tired to do anything else. Such a day will be a good spa day. As they take care of their grooming, let them have that massage coupon and redeem it on days they feel so tired.

If you can be there with them for the massage, it will allow you to enjoy more quality time together. After the massage, you can go on and get other gifts, such as mugs and t-shirts.

6. Find Something You Both Enjoy

Fancy a good Netflix series? Love long walks in nature or bike rides on scenic trails? There is always something that you and the nurse will enjoy. You can make this activity your way of enjoying quality time together when your partner is not studying.

When you have an activity you both enjoy, and it fits well on your schedules, you will look forward to enjoying it. If, for instance, there is a show you love on Netflix, you are sure to enjoy an hour or so together doing something you both love. You can do it over a bottle of beer or a glass of wine.

Whatever you decide to do with your time when dating a nursing student, make it meaningful and special.

7. Offer Them Psychological Support

A nursing student can give you long and unending stories. These may be stories on their experiences during the day and about the courses. It is good for them to vent to you and let everything out in the open. When they talk about their issues, it is easy for you to help – just listen and stay supportive. The fact that they vent every day doesn’t have to make the mood depressing whenever they are in the house.

Make it comfortable for them to tell you about their stories without feeling like they are nagging you. This way, you will have a meaningful conversation instead of a monologue where one partner complains every day. Engage them in activities that keep them busy, such as cooking, so that they can forget school life for a while.

8. Don’t Forget To Have Fun

Dating a nursing student is different from dating a student pursuing other professions, such as teaching. You may not have enough time together, and you have to be more supportive as their work environment can be depressing. However, that is not reason enough not to have fun in your relationship.

A nursing student dates like any other person with the only difference being that they have less time and they work in a hospital. They love having fun and going for weekend getaways. They love gifts and date nights and everything else you would have in any other relationship.

Even as you support your partner, do not forget to have fun. If you are enjoying the relationship (without pretending), you will make the nursing student more comfortable so that they do not feel guilty for studying when you need to go out. They should also not feel guilty that you have to cook at all times.

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